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One of the most common issues was that as PC clones became more common, PC manufacturers began ratcheting up the processor speed to maintain a competitive advantage. Intel introduced their first EISA chipset and also their first chipset in the modern sense of the word as the in September Other typical early single board computers like the KIM-1 were often shipped without enclosurewhich had to be added by the owner.

Rival members generally acknowledged Compaq's leadership, with one stating in that within the Gang of Nine "when you have 10 people sit down before sbc isa slot table to write a letter to the president, someone has to write the letter.

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The end result is similar to having a system built with a motherboardexcept that the backplane determines the slot configuration. The "Gang of Nine"[ edit ] The Gang of Nine was the informal name given to the consortium of personal computer manufacturing companies that proposed slot utilisation changes created the EISA bus.

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One of the key reasons for the success of the IBM PC and the PC clones that followed it was the active ecosystem of third-party expansion cards available for the machines.

Thus, even systems which didn't use the EISA bus gained the advantage of having the ISA standardized, which contributed to its longevity.

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Applications are typically gaming slot machines, video pokerkiosk, and machine control automation. Compaq is sitting down at the typewriter".

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It included such features as multiprocessinghardware RAIDand bus-mastering network cards. A single-board configuration reduces a system's overall cost, by reducing the number of circuit boards required, and by eliminating connectors and bus driver circuits that would otherwise be used.

Additionally the lower part of the bus has five keying notches, so an ISA card with unusually long traces cannot accidentally extend down into the lower part of the slot. As the PC-clone industry continued to build momentum in the mid- to lates, several problems with the bus began to be apparent.

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MCA included numerous enhancements over the bit AT bus, including bus masteringburst modesoftware configurable resources, and bit capabilities. Steve Gibson proposed that clone makers adopt NuBus.

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Because of this, when the first -based system the Compaq Deskpro hit the market init still supported bit slots. First, because the "AT slot" as it was known at the time was not managed by any central standards group, there was nothing to prevent a manufacturer from "pushing" the standard.

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Types, standards[ edit ] One common variety of single board computer uses standardized computer form factors intended for use in a backplane enclosure. Single-board computers are a market niche and are manufactured less often and at a higher cost.

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Connectors are a frequent source of reliability problems, so a single-board system eliminates these problems. One of the benefits to come out of the EISA standard was a final codification of the standard to which ISA slots and cards should be held in particular, clock speed was fixed at an industry standard of 8.

IBM was restricted from patenting the bus, and widely published the bus specifications.