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Okay, let's talk stable slots. From there you should be able to zoom even further. Once upon a time, I decided I wanted in on this PvP scene. Map of all rares needed for Timeless Champion Achievement Click to Enlarge To see an even larger image of this map you can also right click the image and view it in another tab.

For example, the pet I take to Molten Core has full Fire Resist and an armor boost, neither of which I'd ever spend the training points on with a generalist pet.

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Particularly if you're standing near other hunters, over the course of the raid this can add up to very decent DPS. I came back when my puppy dinged to level up my cat. I don't have any conclusive data on whether or not they gain the bonus group XP or bonus XP from a rested state. Once you hit the endgame, you're likely to want more pets, however. Furious howl Saved the best for last.

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Well, theory's nice and all, but that's not how it works. Deathmaw, and his much younger cousins the slavering worgs, at 1. Despite the different categories of pet, all pets are essentially face-chewing tanks. In the endgame, then, what's a good second pet? Pets, 2 slots mount wow for non-BM hunters, are pretty outclassed by real boss fights.

In order to train a pet in the wild, you must currently have no pet. You want something that you can feed that spider meat or the sunfish you just pulled out of the river or the tasty muffins you got as a quest reward that you'll never ever eat, anything you can find.

We only get two. Circles around the Isle very quicky tip: For a more precise description of where you can find any one of these rares just scroll down through the post for that particular rare. Well, a wolf is perhaps the quintissential raiding pet, and I'm not just saying them because they're my favorite.

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Get a bear or a boar. Ghostpaw alphas are another strong choice, with a 1. I should touch on Snarler; this snazzy black rare was the first big-name hunter pet, because he had high innate magical resistance which he retained once trained.

It even has all sorts of fun rare events, treasure chests, things to explore, you name it! You're buying arrows and getting three silver a quest turn-in.

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I will add those pictures to this post when I receive them or when I can bother someone who has those items! By the time you've gotten him caught up, your boar will be mints of quality slot machine. Seriously, ignore those scorpids and moonstalkers and lions and raptors and pretty white snow leopards.

Actually if you want the snow leopard 2 slots mount wow it now, because you do not want to be leveling it up later. Originally I was going to include each rares abilities with some info on how to down them as well, but 2 slots mount wow there's going to be so many people molesting everything when the Isle first comes out that most of their abilities won't matter.

Both were level 52, as I'd been 2 slots mount wow an effort towards that. More difficult rares seem to drop more coins. Many of these rares have their own unique loot as well. He was normalized with pet speed, though, and now deals physical damage after taming.

To the right of many of the rares I have also included screenshots of their special drops. Although you do need a shaman friend or an MPQ reader to witness that. For anyone that is interested in their abilities my friend Joe does a great job of describing them in the video embedded toward the end of this post. They'll never run through the lava because of poorly programmed pet pathing, and when melee is just too dangerous, you can still send them in close enough for two lightning breaths and then recall them to safety until their focus comes back.

That boar's never seeing the inside of Alterac Valley, that's for sure, but neither would I take him to Blackwing Lair. Next to each rare I have written out more specifically where they can be found. This saves you a LOT of money and means you can toss them into any old fight, because any time they get unhappy you ask your mage buddy for some food.

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So anyway, here is the map below. They're nothing but trouble. Thirty-one of these rares are required for the achievement: I was level 53 at the time, and had a ghostpaw alpha, my wolf main, and broken tooth, my trusty pvp cat. As you scroll down through this post, you can see which items drop from each rare. Ergo, if i rather like my Feral Nightsaber, and don't want to lose him, but i need to teach him the next rank of Bite, i have to stick him in the stable and go find a spider or something.

One of them that I am including in this post is not part of it, but still a silver dragon. Your Very First Pet: And pets in the stable gain no XP, so if you travel with your boar for a week or so, your owl's going to fall a few levels 2 slots mount wow. When a mob peels off from the crowd and attacks your priest, your boar can charge and root it, giving your priest time to step back and stand safely until your tank 2 slots mount wow get there.

Every time you ding you have to wait for your pet to catch up, and if there's a large level gap, you can spend hours upon hours, sometimes days at high levels, trying to close it.