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Oklahoma gambling age,

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Stilwell - Beavergap - There's an old place called beaver gap were there are old Indian spirits that will come out and you can see them at night some people say they see a white horse running around there that no one can catch they say it just disappears when you chase it. Salina - Old Salina - the Old Salina court house - there is a holding cell still standing as well as the old court house itself with the old whipping tree and a square are of flowers where the hanging tree used to be.

Shawnee - Shawnee Twin Lakes - A place that several people call oklahoma gambling age cross, but there have been a few other bodies found in the same location as well.

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The house is abandoned and reports of screams, Sightings of ghost and doors closing. Anadarko - Jeremiah's Bridge - Cars break down frequently on this bridge, even school buses, but only at night.

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The building was built in One person reported he picked the man up and started witnessing to him about religion and the old man tried to jump out of his moving car. Turn left after it. A team of investigators began taking pictures over the bridge when suddenly, while they were reloading the film, a flash came out from under the bridge as if something was mimicking their camera flash.

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Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Summit - Vann Home - This home we know is haunted it has been under numerous investigations.

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Also there is a belief that a little girl was burned and killed when the building caught on fire and she always carried a little doll with her and if you went up the stairs you will always see the doll in the same spot and if you move the doll and come back it will be in the same place as before.

Stigler - Siloam Springs Cemetery - Noises of Indian war drums, shadows of people and sometimes voices The creek is still there, it serves as drainage for that part of town. They went to investigate and on both accounts oklahoma gambling age was no one there.

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Some times they are there and very bright, and some times they are not there at all. Idabel - Choctaw Nation Head start - The office is just inside the front door as is the restrooms. After you pass her she disappears.

An older drama graduate who went off to become a model in Her husband's grand mother lived in the house prior to her death and she did like to re-arrange things. On day they were in a gift shop and this Indian policeman about 30 years old was there watching two women that were stealing bracelets.

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