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Beside the regular version, I also ordered one with Super Stickers, and the regular version quickly showed me why: Even from the start on, some interesting moves are possible, by which some parts of the frame are pulled out a bit.

In my solution, the first two pieces come out utilising some rotations, while for the other two pieces only linear moves are required.

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At level 18, it is not too difficult to remove the first piece, but a nice move sequence. This is a great box with some clever ideas and mechanisms. The lock has a key hole and the key will fit in once you have extracted it.

Box with Two Balls. Just three pieces to take apart! Update on The first update of this year is around some puzzle solving. The other pieces can come out, only that the remaining half opening seems to be too small for some of them, or maybe even most of them.

Braun's Patent-Sicherheitsschloss looks like a land mine, but this lock does not have rust or stain on it and is in excellent condition, keeping in mind that it was produced in the first of the 20th century and never made it into large scale production, as far as I remember.

If you perform the standard checkerboard pattern, you will be disappointed, because the colour scheme does not lead to anything really new. Now how can those colours be manipulated to open the box?

There was also room for some little additional features making the solution more challenging! The other puzzles were some brought by Wil to be dinner table entertainment and kept puzzlers and lock collectors busy for quite some time: It also has some gear shaped pieces on top, but four, two more than the Ixia box, and first playing already showed that they sheem to work a bit differently from the Ixia box.

Added on A package casino barriere nice Russia arrived today, with some special puzzle in it: Of course, this only works for puzzle entries with the corresponding data amended, and casino barriere nice far, I have managed to collect this data for a good deal of the around entries in the interlocking category.

The Loopary Branch is good to learn the basic idea of such puzzles, and you can clearly see the whole puzzle during the solution, as it has a flat structure. Truely a puzzle not behaving like a standard 3x3x3. There is one piece imprisioned in the box and not wanting to come out completely, so you will have to find your way around this piece for the rest of the solution. The Obstacle Box follows a similar scheme, only that there are three sliders inside, and each only covering a third of the 3x3 opening.

There seems to be a lot going on in this box, but I will have to solve it first, before I can tell more. Not only an eye catcher, but also an interesting puzzle, too.

There is another variant having only moves, and following the goal to design a box with at least moves, Juno created this version with moves and at least moves in the other configurations. Imagine all the passengers standing around blocking the way. It is a puzzle demonstrating the possibilities offered by a CNC router, with a visible maze.

Just a few moves done, and the colour scheme is mirror imaged. After realising how to deal with the anomalies, the solution is quite easy and it only took me minutes for the complete disassembly, and then only a few more for the reassembly.

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It has seven pieces, which are a central core and six plates running in rails around the core. The box has two openings, one at the top, and then one at the bottom between two acrylic plates. I have seen a version based on pieces with magnets attached to a central ball core, but this seems to be the first implementation without such tricks and going to be mass produced.

If you ever get stuck on the box, reread this hint, it may help. This could be classed as a puzzle box, as you have to operate several mechanisms and locks to open the puzzle to find the fire hose.

It looks beautiful and the level makes it fun to play with.

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Recently, the nice looking "Knot on my watch" was released, a beautiful puzzle, and from the same designer now another beautiful shape: This puzzle won a top 10 votes prize at IPP The others are some form of interlocking packing puzzles: The Juha's Interlocking No. It is a fascinating puzzle, and while I have not seen this one, there are some others currently available at Puzzle Paradise and you may want to have a look.

That one has one piece more, adding up to 7 pieces. I already have some idea how to progress, but have no idea if that will work and if it will lead to the solution of the puzzle, will have to carry on playing.

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The mechanism can be opened carefully and reveals that all parts of the box are made from wood. Dorstrom Puzzle and looks unusual, interesting, and nicely manufactured from Trespa. When adding the second part of the cover to the box, one can close the box completely. Fell free to click on those links, they will take you to the corresponding view of the Interlocking Explorer.

Added on Has been some time since the last update, and then slot grafica 3 packages arrived during the day. The second one is a classic six piece board burr: Added on In the last few days, the big puzzle spectacle happened in the US: Tumbler is a TIC Turning Interlocking Cube and beside a lot of rotations separating the last two pieces, there are some interesting moves before.

A Drive Down Lombard Street is a dexterity puzzle and I am not good at thatbut it intrigued me for some time, so I decided to finally order one while there were still some available. So far, it looks like the two sides behave quite different.

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A well deserved prize! Added on I have known Jack Krijnen for years, in the beginning for high level 18 piece burrs, and for the number of moves in this category, he is the current world record holder, together with Alfons Eyckmans, see 18 pieces burrs group.

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When the solution sequence is finished, the three boards lying in the bottom of the Abacus will have come out and then it is another challenge to get them back in. A very good job, including the stickers, and the behaviour of blocking and unblocking moves is fascinating. Container Puzzzle is the first mass produced version of this puzzle, and has a designer which is not often found among twisty puzzles: The goal is to assemble the pieces to casino barriere nice shape that looks like the letters G, C, and D from three different sides.

Even though the main body has been 3D printed in one piece, there are enough openings to get some look into the lock while solving, so it is not about blind guessing, but about making observations and a plan for attack. To have a good overview of them, I decided to go for the whole set of those puzzles in a wooden frame. While the box was planned to be solved and the move version only for people looking for a bigger challenge, my impression is that the box is still solvable by hand in a reasonable time.

Added on Today a package with some of the latest works by Brian Menold arrived, two nice designs by the French designer Greg Benedetti, whom I have met at several IPPs, including casino barriere nice one in Paris last year.

One quickly realizes that there is only one useful opening on top, the spaces between the pillars on the sides are just not wide enough to be useful for inserting pieces there. As it happened for the others as well, Louis has stored the key in or on the lock, and in this case it is securely fastened, and obviously one challenge will be to get that key out.

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With this drawer, the challenge becomes much more difficult, and during DCD last year, I saw several people fail this challenge, and so far I have not solved it either. The alternative name of "Zig-Zag Burr" is a well matching name for this aspect.

After complete disassembly, you can see where those pieces have the possibility to leave the frame, and there are not many possibilities. Crazy Comet Is casino barriere nice rhombic dodecahedron with strange moves, some of them shapechanging.

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People with thin and nimble fingers may be able to persuade some of the elements to perform a shortcut, but that would only spoil the fun of handling this mechanism, and believe me, you will like it once you managed to assemble and operate it.

Assemble all the parts into a closed box. With it came a Fisher Skewbwhich is basically a Skewb, but cut into a cube in a different way. Stephane Chomine created this design based on an earlier one by Jean Carle: Luckily one of the officers knew me already and knew how to put a handmade wooden puzzle box into their classification system.

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And knowing the designer, it will not be an easy task. A very unusual mechanism, some sequential discovery elements that nicely interact with each other and which require multiple senses to solve, followed by a final step that was so well hidden that it eluded many puzzlers. There were some vintage puzzles for offer, which completed my collection of the "Electro" series.

The Flange 99A is a nice little puzzle in a 3D cross shape and non-trivial to assemble. The Kamelle Box is based on the idea of the Caramel Box puzzle, and while the name sounds similar to that other puzzle, it will only be understood in some parts of Germany.