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It bounces off the edges of the playing area and gates, small obstacles next to the entries to the winning italian slot machines. In Komeetta Jasso, the player can also change the winning sums the machine pays by flicking a coin into a designated slot.

The additional feature bet mentioned above buys you the opportunity to benefit from the Hot Hot Super Respin. Four additional reels backgrounds PNG: Our team will design additional bonus games for you, think about their mechanics and new principles of winnings, which can be displayed in the form of special decorative objects and elements.

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Bajazzo refers to an Italian-style clown pagliaccio in Italian. After the second re-spin, all Hearts will reveal the same random symbol and award any pays.

The popularity of the nickname was proven as the manufacturer decided to use only the informal form in the names of some models of payazzo combining coin flicking with an electronic game of luck.

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The third model is Pajatso RAY, which is played with coin-like metal disks. We will help you create unique pay tables with an individual approach. It became prohibited to operate payazzos in Finland inexcept to raise funds for charity. Sincethe state-owned operator of gambling machines, Raha-automaattiyhdistys has a monopoly for payazzos.

Name[ edit ] The game is called pajatso in Finnish. A metal ring used to hit the coin is on the right side of the machine rather than on the front panel at the height of a typical user's chest.

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We can increase their quantity, change their dimensions and purpose. It is customary to identify the old machines by announcing the denomination of the coin used to play the game, these old machines include 20 penni payazzo50 penni payazzo and italian slot machines markka payazzo Today's models[ edit ] Nowadays, Raha-automaattiyhdistys operates south point casino shuttle schedule models of payazzo machines.

In the song Raptori the rap group Raptori sings that they bought their leather jackets at a thrift store after winning a jackpot in payazzo. Today we suggest you to look at the world of slot machines from a different angle, because this set of graphic materials and illustrations is entirely devoted to the Italian theme.

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The first electronic payazzo was introduced in ; older payazzos were completely mechanical. In traditional models, also the supply of coins available for paying winnings is visible through the transparent front panel. Raha-automaattiyhdistys has manufactured payazzos since The profits of Raha-automaattiyhdistys are distributed to various charity organizations who promote public health and social welfare.

Hearts of Venice is a medium variance slot with an RTP of In the playing area, there are the winning slots, typically nine in modern models, in one row two rows in some models. More Fabulous Vegas Slots Hearts of Venice Slot Machine Oh, Venice, the famous romantic Italian city floating on water, boasting marble palaces and hundreds of gondolas cruising its numerous canals.

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One of the latter is a Heart symbol which upon landing reveals any of other game icons other than Wild and Feature, and in a Scatter-like fashion, awards any pays. History[ edit ] The predecessors of payazzo machines, called bajazzo machines, were manufactured in Germany in the beginning of the 20th century. The coin enters the playing area from the right side.

By using the electronics, it was possible program variable winning sums for each slot. In traditional models, the slot for feeding coins into the machine is on the top of the machine. Raha-automaattiyhdistys or RAYthe manufacturer of today's payazzo machines, uses payazzo in English for pajatso.

The row spans horizontally the entire length of the playing area, and it is slightly below the point where the coin enters the playing area. Both of these models are played with the 20 cent coin. Additional upgrade and tuning services: This way the player can estimate whether there is enough money in the machine to pay potential winnings. Are you not satisfied with the desing of the logo?

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With the help of payment tables, you can read the most of rules and principles of the slot machine operation. Nowadays, payazzo can be played, in addition to Finland, in Chilewhere a local operator uses Finnish electronic payazzos. The basic structure of payazzo remained the same for a long time, except that the denomination of the coin the game was played with varied due to inflation.

Eventually the coin either drops into one of the winning slots or it falls down between the slots. The game arrived in Finland in the middle of the s, and Finns italian slot machines calling it pajatso. It is a Fennicized form of bajazzo, the name of the early German models.

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With the introduction of the 50 penni payazzo, the gates were introduced. Reel one remains fixed and any Heart and Wild symbols which land during re-spins italian slot machines also held for the duration of the bonus round.

Fourteen animated game symbols PNG sequences: Description of the game[ edit ] The player feeds a coin into the machine and flicks it by hitting a metal ring with a finger. Behind the transparent front panel there is a vertical playing area that is less than a meter wide and approximately twenty centimeters high for machines with a single row of winning slots.

Free Spins bonus round guarantees to deliver a minimum of x your bet per line and potentially much more. Feature can be retriggered to deliver an additional batch of 10 spins on top of those already won. In a bajazzo game, a ball was dropped from the top of the machine and the player attempted to catch it into a hat held by a bajazzo figure.

The front panel of the machine is transparent to allow the player see the flight of the coin. In addition to the traditional single-flick game, Pajatso Ray has other games consisting of several flicks.

The thickness of the playing area is slightly more than the thickness of the coin. The presence of elements of navigation and control of the slot machine can be expanded, supplemented or completely modified.

Wins are delivered by a minimum of 3 identical icons on a payline, such as the lady holding a rose, a gondolier, his gondola and his hat, a street lamp, a rose and a bridge. In Finland, payazzos can be found in special gambling arcades, and also in pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. The first true payazzo machine was developed in the Germany in the late s, and it was called Blau Wunder.

The first will cash out x your line bet, and the second multiples it by If you want to buy this slot game let us know via the contacts below: The bajazzo machines differed from payazzo machines. Feature icon is the other Scatter depicted as a silhouette of a romantic couple and acting as a free games trigger.

The manufacturer also bought the Finnish domain www. In the former case, the player gets a prize of a couple of coins, and in the latter case the player loses the flicked coin. Hot Hot Super Respin, on the other hand, could fill the reels with Heart icons which will do their reveal exercise and award payouts of up to 10,x the line bet.