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Instead, by holding separate county titles and baronies, a patrician 's family will retain a large portion of its former military base. For patricians and Muslims rulers who can personally hold cities and temples respectively, upgrading them is a higher priority.

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After having reached decent economic capital, with at least "castle villages" in all the player character's holdings, it is a proper decision to upgrade military capabilities. Holding Owners In general, only clergy hold churches, burghers cities, and nobles baronies. Upgrade demesne holdings as fast as possible. Summary By appointing a burgher or bishop as the ruler of a county or duchy, you could reap major tax rewards.

Vassal-Liege Relationship Typically all holdings in a county will be held by vassals of the count, with the count vassalized to a duke or king. By comparison, losing baronies through gavelkind is not as bad, as barons cannot join factions and do not have vassals under them.

The higher the income, the faster the ruler can construct or upgrade more buildings, so while at first the realm will lag behind on the military front, the ruler will quickly catch up once economic buildings repay their cost.

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Do remember that increases in military capacity also translates into greater expenses whenever the ruler raises their own levies. Holdings produce all levies and taxes, and are thus important, yet easily ignored. The capital of a county is indicated in the top-right of the county overview, and whoever owns the capital owns the county. Another major drawback is that bishop and burgher succession is generally much less predictable than noble succession.

Each settlement increases the supply limit for the ruler's troops and decreases it for enemy troops. If they have a holding on a higher tier however, they will almost always give the holding to a vassal instead. On the other hand, you get the full levies of a holding if you own it rather than a vassal.

Churches and cities do, however, have one building each that is particularly useful for the development of technologythe "monastic school" and the "university," respectively. Typically a barony will be the capital of a province, but there are some exceptions, and it is possible to switch the capital simply by granting the county to a someone of a different character type.

Do note that granting titles to bishops has the added benefit of giving you piety. This might be helpful in certain situations, particularly if the increased opinion is enough to convince a Zealous vassal of another religion to convert.

Keep wealth and piety reserves. Second, bishops if you're catholic will only pay you any tax if they like you more than they like the pope. Build additional settlements for maximum troops and income. The player can also develop baronies in the capital, as those do not go to the new grand mayor. In fact with the exception of baronies, giving the holding to a vassal instead will get you higher tax unless you've got high stewardship.

If Hindu, be sure to match the character's caste with the holding type. A character's capital county will almost always be inherited by their heir esseven if the realm 's under gavelkind succession. You get 25 piety from granting a holding, for a county, for a duchy, for a kingdom, and for crusader kings 2 holding slots empire.

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It also helps to stabilize the realmsince vassals are less likely to form factions against a powerful liege. A good strategy is to imagine the worst possible economic scenario that could happen to the realmand keep that much money or more and piety or equivalent in reserve at all times.

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However, it is entirely possible for a county to be owned by someone who is not a noble. It is rarely worthwhile to keep settlements for which the player character gets the "Wrong government type" penalty. However, it is possible to assign someone not of this type to a holding.

This can benefit the ruler's liege considerably, as he'll be able to charge different tax rates than he would with a noble. Building up a county and then losing it 20 years later due to gavelkind isn't too great an idea.

I'll be going into how the different types of holdings work, and how you can use them to your advantage. A middle ground between baronies and cities Each of these three types have an associated character type; baronies are typically owned crusader kings 2 holding slots nobles, cities by burghers, and bishoprics by clergy. The Basics Every county has at least one holding, and most have three.

Note that although the liege will get maximum tax if their vassals have at least 0 opinion of their ruler, Catholic bishops will continue to pay taxes to the Pope if they like him more than the liege. If you've got free investiture you can of course appoint every bishop, and thus control the succession entirely. Thus unless you are Orthodox, Heretic, Muslim, or Pagan, you'll risk losing out on taxes with bishops, while with burghers you cannot control the succession.

If a character is of the wrong castethey cannot be granted the holding. Focus on the player character's own baronies, not their vassals' holdings. These holdings provide both income and taxes, and every holding is held by a character. However, you'd likely end up with fewer levies, a higher risk of rebellion, and reduced control over succession.

Strategies[ edit ] Give out settlements of the wrong type. This powerbase will be there for the character even in times of crisis, and as such it gives the player a base military capacity at all times. Thus giving a few counties to bishops can be a great way to get piety which makes getting the Invasion CB pretty easy.

Initial focus should be on improving the demesne 's economic situation. Then, cities could be built outside the capital duchy for increased income. Focus on troops Cities: Crusader kings 2 holding slots churches are unreliable for taxes and levies.

As for large empires neighbouring big potential rivals, it may even be necessary to keep a reserve of more than 1, wealth or piety at all times. However, if the player character erects "town markets", "town harbours" and "church villages", they will increase the income of cities and bishoprics respectively, allowing them to construct more improvements on their own.

By holding multiple baronies, the effectiveness of tax collection by the steward and troop training by the marshal is multiplied.

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While the capital gets great troop bonuses, it can be lost in an election. This means that tax-wise it cannot pay off to hold a holding of the wrong type rather than one of the right type. If the player's demesne has counties on the Silk Road, castlestemples and cities give increased taxes to the holders of the counties. This can make a major difference in the long run, so if the player prefers a technology -based approach to the game, investing in these buildings would be a good idea.

However, non-direct vassals may declare de jure wars to bring the holding under their control. If the character is Catholictemple resources are unreliable, so they are not a priority for a feudal ruler.

The capital county will generally have the highest technology level of all holdings, and many technologies enhance the output crusader kings 2 holding slots owned buildings, thus constructions in the capital will repay investment faster.

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You can also appoint burghers or bishops as dukes, once again giving great tax benefits. Focus construction in the capital, and control multiple holdings there. You would still benefit more from holding a barony than any other type of holding, as they give the most troops, and will give you the most tax due to the wrong holding penalty.

In addition, the benefits received from vassals are also subject to change in the long term due to changes in opinion, while the player character's own holdings are unaffected. Focus on tax Bishoprics: If they like the pope more than you, you'll lose out on tax entirely.

Any ruler at count level or above will get opinion with his liege if his liege is not the same character type. While cities provide higher revenue per town building than castlesthe liege still gets less overall due to only getting a percentage of the town income. There are three types of holdings: However, doing so is not entirely without penalties.

The quicker they are built, the sooner their investment is repaid. Build new holdings where supply limit decides wars. Greater military means better results during civil wars and also on foreign wars, both defensive and offensive. If you think these drawbacks are worth it, I'd recommend experimenting with this tactic and seeing if you like it.

Even taking this into account however, you'll still probably get more tax from a bishop or burgher than you would from a noble. For each military building constructed, the ruler's personal military power increases. However, they'll be getting opinion with every vassal they have unless the vassals are the same character type, which is likely to reduce the tax trickling up to you.