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Main indicates that high-pass filters are commonly used for directional microphones which have a proximity effect —a low-frequency boost for very close sources. The APT 50 driver is good for use on the back of coaxial drivers, where the HF driver sits on the back of the bass mid driver and fires though slot tweeters hole attached to a horn in the center of the bass mid driver.

The pxb crossover is the cheaper option and you will have to mount it inside the cabinet somewhere, you might also have to use some kind of HF attenuation as well, although not too much. In this set along the principle of the Schmacks horn, without the larger part mouth on one side as in the original Schmacks horn.

Mixing consoles often include high-pass filtering at each channel strip. Then the "sizzling" Ionofane tweeter was incorporated. Main writes that DI unit inputs as opposed to microphone inputs do not need high-pass filtering as they are not subject to modulation by low-frequency stage wash —low frequency sounds coming from the subwoofers or the public address system and wrapping around to the stage.

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The engineers of Mordaunt Short designed a two-way system using Kef B units and named their systems MS which was manufactured from approximately to Frequency Characteristics and Polar Diagram The frequency characteristic let you decide what the best crossover frequency can be. The 3KF loudspeaker systems from the nineteen seventies were available for some time with Ionofane plasma tweeter and later only with Decca London Ribbon High Frequency units.

The original filter is copyright David Lyth. The baffle fabric is tygan.

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This is a version from around using a Fane crossover for woofer and midrange and the standard Decca crossover for midrange and ribbon. It is not yet known if Ralf uses the Decca crossover network or a different filter.

And there was the Decca Volt loudspeaker system. An alternative, which provides good quality sound without inductors which are prone to parasitic coupling, are expensive, and may have significant internal resistance is to employ bi-amplification with active RC filters or active digital filters with separate power amplifiers for each loudspeaker.

The DECCA literature of the nineteen seventies mentions a response that is practically flat up to Essentially the London Ribbon can be used in a 2 way system. Earlier a two-way system was designed by Decca with their Decca low frequency loudspeaker.

The Hartley subwoofer not shown completed the system. For the low frequencies up to Hz. The enclosure is largely filled with original fibreglass-type material, without filling the space between the bass unit and port. If one strives for an efficiency of around 86 dB, the Decca London Ribbon can be used. See also the Active System page. The enclosures are not originally made by Decca. His filter and the other filters on this page may give you some ideas when and if slot tweeters plan to incorporate Decca London Ribbon slot tweeters Kelly DK30 transducers in a two or three way loudspeakeers system.

That is why he used the Volt Slot tweeters Use one of the Eminence crossovers too, the 2 way pxb2 3k5 is the one to go for. The records are played on a simple Thorens TD with original Thorens arm.

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They will lower the efficiency. The boxes measure 85 H x 61 B x 52 D cm. I edited these images, derived the working of the boxes, and made a few drawings to give insight in the functioning of the loudspeaker systems.

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slot tweeters They are really not necessary. The result was that these speakers performed with a high level of precision. Endenburg, engineer, creator of the Engasound 3 KF. Nevertheless these speakers are worth an investigation as the woofers are also horn loaded. But generally a higher crossover frequency of about or even higher is recommended to avoid coloration.

One amplifier, the professional audio model DC made by Crown International beginning in the s, did not have high-pass filtering at all, and could be used to amplify the DC signal of a common 9-volt battery at the input to supply 18 volts DC in an emergency for mixing console power.

This brake also influenced the directivity in a positive way. The volumes for woofer and mid range were calculated in a way that differed from the volumes advised by Fane. You have to cross them over at 3. Although the frequency band extends to David Lyth pointed out that the woofer should have a dispersion slot tweeters lobe akin to the Decca London Ribbon.

The dimensions of the horn determine the lower cutoff frequency.