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The egg will not tell you what kind of monster is in there, but the color of the egg will give you a hint.

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Kewne and Koh embark on a quest to reach the top of the Monster Tower and find the truth about Guy's fate. You talk to the building guy, and he can make a bunch of new buildings, most of which have mini-game associated with it, like the bowling alley and the casino.

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Koh can also improve the furnishings and decorate his home. Later on in the game, you can get a second collar to control the monsters, letting you bring in two monsters.

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There are 8 ladies in the town that have their own little story arc, and you can "befriend" all of them. If Koh "dies" within the Tower, he returns to town but loses all equipment he carried; a familiar can be sacrificed using a specific item found within the Tower, called an Oleem, allowing Koh to escape and keep all of his other equipment; and a Wind Crystal can be found in the Tower that allows escape at any time.

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There are seven characters that he may develop a relationship with, from tomboy Nico to stuck-up, selfish Selfi. In many ways, Azure Dreams is a graphical roguelike.

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The monster book graphics were also redone. The player is also given the option of pursuing romantic ambitions in Koh's life.

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You can hatch the egg inside the dungeon and have it right there, but you will lose it when you exit the dungeon. At this point, you can fuse the two monsters together, letting you have a lot more possibilities with your companions.

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The main focus of the game is entering the tower and destroying its denizens, collecting treasure and monster eggs to hatch into familiars. You must have Flash Player 10 installed to play this game!

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Aside from looking at very well drawn static anime pictures of the ladies, there is not much else beneficial effect from the girls. Ever since he disappeared, his son Koh enters the tower when he turns 15 and meets a familiar named Kewnea monster that can speak to humans. His son, Koh, enters the tower when he turns 15 and meets a familiar named Kewne - a monster that can speak to humans.

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The buttons were also completely changed from the Black & decker jack rabbit pump version, and not just an O, X swap. Every time Koh enters the Tower, he returns to level one; however, any familiars hatched outside the Tower retain their current level.

Some buildings allow the appearance of specific love interests such as the Hospital making way for Cherrl to appear and the azure dreams casino making Mia availablewhile others offer minigames and the ability to acquire currency at a faster rate.

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Azure Dreams, also known as Other Life: Each monster has hidden spells, unique traits, and abilities. As such, progression through the higher levels of the Tower relies on strengthening the familiars or equipment. Gameplay[ edit ] The game offers a lot of choice in respect to how individual players wish to play.

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Another unique point of Azure Dreams is the random map generator: The layout of the picture and text was different also with the Japanese version having the monster text off to the right and the stats under the picture.